Clergy Cautions Ghana President On Military Deployment To Niger



By Enock Akonnor//Contributor

Founder and Leader of Faith Outreach Ministries Rev J.K Appiah has cautioned President Akuffo-Addo on his plans to deploy Ghanaian soldiers as part of ECOWAS’ military intervention in Niger, aimed at reinstating constitutional order within the nation.

He has admonished that the President must abort the decision, warning that the proposed intervention by ECOWAS may escalate the war to all the countries that participate.

In a press statement copied to dated 19th August 2023, the Kumasi-based clergy said President Akuffo-Addo must be extremely careful of what he described as an ” America-France led war.

“America and France have quickly come together to push West Africa leaders to go to war in Niger. Don’t forget that Russia has also promised to stand with Burkina, Niger and those French speaking nations.


I believe America and France have an agenda; two fold,

A. To depopulate Africa

B. Sell their military weapons.

If ECOWAS makes a mistake by going to war, the war will escalate to all the countries which will participate. This is the reason why Ghana must be extremely careful”.

“These two nations have power to go to Niger themselves to overthrow the new government. I wonder why Africa leaders are quickly jumping into war.

The war in Nigeria will fail miserably, so President Akuffo-Addo must be careful.

People are not happy about Ghana joining this unnecessary war.

Ghana has been very peaceful over the years. Ghana will not know peace if we involve the soldiers.”,he said in the press statement.

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