” Effect Attitudinal Change In Church Members”- Dr. Admonishes

A renowned Doctor-turned-Pastor Dr. Godfred Andoh of Truth Revival Ministry has castigated churches in Ghana over their failure to effect positive behaviorial changes in the lives of the citizenry.

“I am really disappointed and I am of the firm believe that the Church has failed Ghana and God”, he indicated in an exclusive dialogue with

He gave reasons that a higher percentage of church pastors and leaders in Ghana are not preaching and teaching the truth and as a result have not been able to transform practitioners of corruption who are members of their respective churches from their evil ways.

” Pastors are not preaching the truth. They are only interested in how to enrich themselves instead of preaching the central Gospel of Christ.

Pastors who are suppose to be teaching their members are the ones creating problems for their members”, he noted.

The Doctor cum Pastor furthered his statement by saying that the prosperity of Ghana is heavily centered on the efforts of Church since Christianity constitutes 70 percent of the country’s population.

He underscored that there is no way the systems in Ghana can work if an attitudinal change is not effected through the delivery of Men of God by way of preaching the true Gospel of Christ.

“The system is manned by human beings so if those in charge of the system are corrupt, it doesn’t matter the kind of system, there will still be corruption.

If you go to places like America, UK among others, their systems are working not because the systems themselves are robots, but it’s because those manning the systems are honest.

If our people are honest, the system will work”.

He therefore advised Pastors to teach and preach salvation instead of dwelling so much of prosperity sermons.


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