Christians In Ghana Now Die Like Ordinary Soldiers,This Will Shock You

Long time ago, there was this strong soldier. He has never loosed a battle before and his weapon was always serviceable and working perfectly. This soldier gained popularity as a sharp shooter and had never missed his target before.

He was able to conquer many domains single handedly as a matter of fact he was promoted to the position of a major general.

One day, he dressed up in preparation for war as usual. In fact he armed himself from head to toe and even his eyes were totally covered. After taking a walk for hours he became so much exhausted and therefore decided to rest on a tree. After some few minutes, he started feeling something walking inside his military uniform.

After conducting a careful search, he realized that it was an ant so the very first thing he did was to throw away his gun.

Fascinatingly, in less than an hour he was fully undressed. His bullet proof, the helmet, the shoes and others were all taken off from his body remaining his pants. Oh my God!!! A whole major general?

As this soldier was trying to escape from the ant, something very deadly happened. His enemy met him there and shot him to death. Very sad; a whole major general died like an ordinary civilian. Why? It is simply because of an ordinary tiny microscopic ant.

My valued Christian soldier, please beware of the ant. They may sometimes appear very irrelevant and little. However, they naked a whole major general. Please take your time and read 2 Tim 2:1-7

The ant here represents any sin committed in secret.

Just a small lie, ordinary anger, small pride, lust, little falsification of record, “I only pecked, I did not fornicate”. Just an ordinary malice, common sex, just small stealing etc All the “just” put together are the ants.

Dear Christian soldier beware of the ant, it may be very small and irrelevant but so deadly and dangerous. How can one escape from an ant?

The hard way is the only way and the only way out is … don’t stop walking, don’t take a rest yet… don’t get tired on the battlefield…The best place to rest is the secret place of the most high God. When the going gets tougher, the tougher ones gets going 😭🤔 Think about your life and amend it now or never again.

Please don’t forget to send this message to all the soldiers of the cross. Thank you so much for reading this article. May we all meet at the right hand side of God when the roll is called.



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