Check Out The Origin And Meaning Of Barcelona…It’ll Shock You As A Football Fun

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Be informed that Barcelona is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world, however after so much talk about the city, I questioned myself- Where does this name Barcelona come from?

I discovered in my search that the origin of the name Barcelona is quite unclear and there are many versions which, rather than being historical, are legends which attribute the name to the cultural legacy left by the first inhabitants of the city.

The first legend states that the name Barcelona is the modified version of Barke-no¸ the original name which was given to the city by Iberian settlers.

The 2nd legend also states that the Barcelona was named by Carthaginians and the name arose from the Carthaginian surname Barca, which means ‘ray’.

The Roman legend states that during a 9-boat expedition there was a big storm, the first 8 boats managing to escape without damage, whilst the ninth was lost at sea and Hercules ran aground at Montjuic.

In fact the place pleased the navigators so much that they named it after the lost boat- “Barca Nona” (the ninth boat).

It is impossible to demonstrate that one legend is more accurate than another, however one thing we can be very sure about is that Barcelona was conquered by the Visigoths in 415 and came to be known as Gothland, which means “God’s Land”, for over 300 years.

Barcelona once again took its name and its identity when it was reclaimed as a Christian territory by Ludovico Pío in 801.

From that era up until the current day the name Barcelona has not been changed, although what the city has inspired in people has definitely altered.

At the start of the 80s, reference was made to Barcelona as the three syllables Bar, cel, ona, which mean respectively in Catalan ‘bar’, ‘sky’ and ‘wave’.

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