Check out the difference between PANDEMIC, ENDEMIC and EPIDEMIC

Contagious diseases are spread by either viral or bacterial agents that are ever present in our society.

Once in a while, an outbreak or new disease that has a significant effect locally or globally occurs. This spread and rate of the new cases can be categorized into three namely;

Endemic, Epidemic and Pandemic.


Endemic originated form the Greek word “en” which means in and “demos” which means people.

Endemic is used to describe a kind of ailment that is present in a particular region, country, society or a particular population.

For example, Malaria is a disease commonly found in parts of Africa and it is a constant worry for the people of Africa.

However through regular sensitization, educating and carrying out wide health strategy in order to combat the Endemic, however the cases of Malaria are now falling.


The word Epidemic also originates from the Greek word “epi” which meaning above or upon and “demos” meaning people. It is a situation, where a disease rapidly spread and affects wide number of people in a given population simultaneously over a short period of time. Example is the seasonal flu.


The word pandemic is etymologically derived from the Greek word “pan” meaning all and “demos” meaning people and it is used to describe the fast spread of a transmissible communicable disease globally. Once an epidemic affect a large percent of the population or affect the world, it becomes known as a Pandemic. However, the terms epidemic and pandemic are used to describe the distance and rate of the spread of the disease and not how severe the disease is.

Ways diseases are spread include the following;

People; Through their droplet (sneezing, coughing), indirect and direct contact (kissing).

Animals: In 1348, Rats and Fleas spread the bubonic. Sadly an estimated number of 20 million people died. Mosquitoes in Latin America and Africa are known to be carriers of Malaria.

Nonliving sources: Disease could also be transmitted in contaminated water and food.

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