Charming behaviours of ladies that men love



There are several attractive things ladies do that guys like.

Below are some of the behaviours that guys absolutely love from ladies.

Touching him while he’s talking.

Young woman touching handsome man’s arm

While having a conversation, guys love it so much when their partner leans in and touches their shoulder or arm.

This indicates that they want to feel and be close with their partner.


When you smile at him.

Men love making their partner smile and laugh. It is a clear indication that they are enjoying each other’s company and having a great time too.

When you give him advice.

When you have a deep connection with your partner, you enjoy getting their perspective on things.

Having someone you can turn to when faced with difficulties or tough times can be very soothing. Guys love when women share their thoughts and advice to them.

When you’re nurturing side comes out.

Guys love being pampered especially by someone they know has their best interest at heart.

When you show appreciation and kindness.

Being kind and showing appreciation when your guy does the little things is something that he notices and adores.

When you lay your head in his chest.

Guys love this because they get to feel like protectors to their partner. Women love this for it makes them feel loved, safe and protected.

When you wear his clothes.

Men love to see their partner wearing their clothes. He likes seeing you getting comfortable and how adorable you look in his oversized sweatshirt.

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