Carrot juice: the most powerful remedy that doctors can’t explain



Carrots are among the major vegetables used in the juicing process.

Anytime you are dealing with a serious ailment you have to include carrot juice in the program.

It is high in beta-carotene.

It can be given to infants who cannot digest milk, neither cow milk (which is not good for them anyway) nor goat nor soy.

But the carrot juice can replace milk. The baby can grow and flourish because of the balanced components found in the carrot juice.


If you are working with leukemia, you can put this person on carrot juice and get great results.

If you also give them periwinkle, you will be able to reverse most leukemia. It is too bad that science does not investigate the benefits of carrot juice and periwinkle herb. It would find that God already has a blessing for us in this vegetable.

Where is the balance between using juice for cancer patients and getting them back on food? Put them on carrot juice for three weeks and balanced diet as well. If you put them on carrot juice alone, they will continue to lose weight, they will get weaker and weaker, because they are in a cleansing mode.

Carrot or vegetable juice is a detoxifying agent. The reason why we use mostly vegetable juices is that it slows down the detoxification process. Fruit juice like orange and apple will detoxify too fast, producing a cleansing reaction.

A cleansing reaction includes things like the skin breaking out, severe diarrhea, or headaches. Better to detoxify with vegetables.

If you are losing weight too fast, you will want to modify that by giving them a potassium broth. Potassium broth is made from white potato, celery, carrots, and onion. Add a pinch of seaweed and cook until the vegetables are soft. Put this in the blender and blend smooth. Sometimes I add a bit of soymilk to make it creamy. Let them drink this.

Another thing to use is the protein drink. Give them this two or three times a day. Once we get their strength back up we come back to the juices. We do not like to keep them on juices for long periods of time—five to six days is good.

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