Candidacy is Not Chieftaincy, Alan must come not Bawumia


(By Prophet K.P national President of Alan 4.2.4 agenda)

Our attention ones again has been drawn to this lineage argument of who to lead our party.

Some people believe Npp was formed by DANKWA-DOMBO-BUSIA and think J.A kuffour falls under BUSIA, Nana Addo falls under DANKWA therefore is Bawumia’s turn because he falls under DOMBO.

Before I start everything here, my question is did Bawumia joined Npp through DOMBO? Answer is NO rather he joined through DANKWA which we all bear witness that it was through Nana Addo that Dr Bawumia joined the party.

Before then his whole family were NDC members’ whiles Alan had served the party for long and he was still serving our great party.
In a nut shell; many people mistakenly believe the party was founded by these three forgetting BAFFOUR AKOTO was also a founding leader which Alan kyerematen falls under his lineage ( You can do your further references)
Reasons why above argument is baseless is that can someone tell me the lineage of Prof.Adu Boahen?

Again presidency is not about lineage but he that have serve the party for long, have the ability to win power, can mobilized the youth and can gather the scattered loyalist in the party and is no one than Alan Kyerematen.

This party you see now is stronger than its founding fathers and to consider lineage candidacy is totally wrong. Because if lineage candidacy is what will provide candidate in NPP, then we are trying to say No voltarian can be president through NPP because their lineage do not falls under these people mentioned.

Ga’s too can’t be candidates in NPP, Fantis, Sefwi’s and the rest can’t be candidates right? This is totally baseless argument.
So I can boldly say Dr Bawumia doesn’t fit de status of Dombo therefore I advise those spreading his Dombo’s time to stop making noise.

For people that have benefited more in this lineage talks are the Dombo, They were the people that served as running mate under Adu Boahen, they served under Kuffour and are serving under Nana Addo.

Dr Bawumia alone served and is serving 16 years.
We can’t commit political suicide as said by our brother “BUCKMAN”Why should we give the party to someone who just joined to become vice and later give him the party.

Totally wrong, this will even destroy what we have built so long in the party.
And as I said in my first write-up “Alan is the only one that can win us power” Dry Bawumia is good vice president but not sophisticated to win power. And the man to make this possible is Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen.

Dr Bawumia must wait and it will surely come to his turn. we need power now and power must retain and the only jingo,flagwaver, nationalist and statesman to make this possible is Alan Cash.

Let’s all get to know that Dr Bawumia have served and all he could use to to help has been done which is improving Ghana now.

Alan is next to provide the needful for Ghanaian people.
Party executives made mistakes and imposed parliamentary candidates needed not on Ghanaian people and they voted against us, the same mistake was done to impose a speaker on elected members of parliament and they also voted against us.

This is a clear warning to us coming 2024.
The grassroots and the fool soldiers are demanding for Alan Cash make no mistake to oppress the will of Ghanaian people.

Because if we do that I tell you we won’t like it the way it will go in 2024.Because some of us we know the people gathering others to shout “no Batumi no vote” You can run but you can’t hide, our intelligence is very fast ,so whatever going on against Alan must cease before we begin to roar.
Kuffour deserved to lead the party in 2000 not that he was from a particular lineage, that’s why Nana Addo was denied then.Nana Addo deserved to lead us after kuffour not because of his lineage but the capability and leadership spirit he had then,so we picked him over Alan Cash.

Sorry even blind and deaf knows is Alan’s turn
NDC is trying everything possible to choose a candidate that will be easy for them in 2024.

Anyone with clear vision can witness the NDC cohorts started this Bawumia campaign right after elections. We the genuine Patriots know our winning skills and he that can lead us to win, we are matured enough to be mislead by a party that couldn’t and can’t win elections(NDC).

Again we have seen and heard this Efo Emmanuel on social media tagging some of our members as NDC boys.

There’s a verse in Ashantis Bible chapter 2:6 which says ” Wopam aboa no na wanya no a, wose ne ho kankan ” He ( Prince Geli – National supervisor for Alan 4.2.4 agenda ) didn’t support what you wanted so you are defaming his name.

Again because our members are preaching the truth and indicating the best man to lead our party to win power, you then get nerves to consider them as NDC men.

Prince Geli is known very well and has been a delegate for long in this party and he knows whatever he is doing and what is right, so if you can sit where ever you are and keep mute it will help you.

To cut everything short Dr mahamadu Bawumia can’t win us power. Some greedy people want to lead him and are leading him only to bring us defeat. The fact that he remains best vice doesn’t guarantee him to be a best candidate. We are not ready for that 2024.

I again recommend Buckman’s report to everyone who has the party’s interest in heart.
Let’s make a decorous internal campaign, we are one people. Alan and Bawumia are one in the same family🇳🇱.

GodblessAlan4.2.4 Members


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