CAMFED Ghana Engages Media, Discloses 5-Year Strategic Plan

Officials of CAMFED Ghana have announced their new strategic plan for the period 2020-2025.

Their goal for the five-year stipulated period is targeted at supporting five million girls to attend and thrive in school, by leveraging the ‘Multiplier effect’- whereby young women who have been supported by CAMFED through school provide social and economic support to the next generation of girls.

This was announced by the National Director Sally Ofori Yeboah at a media partnership meeting held on Thursday June 10th, 2021 in Accra.

As part of measures aimed at achieving the abovementioned goal, the organisation per her indication will implement three-prolonged approach:

  • Achor the strategy in the Multiplier Effect by building the pipeline of girls who complete secondary school, join the CAMFED Association, and together step forward as activists and leaders for girls’ education.
  • Scale the Learner Guide Programme by partnering with the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to roll out their flagship mentoring programme through which young women lead on providing social support to girls in school.
  • Invest in Enterprise Development by expanding young women’s livelihood opportunities and in turn, their capacity to provide economic support to girls.


The essence of the media partnership meeting was to provide an opportunity to brief participants about the delivery of CAMFED and discuss ways in which the media can advance their programmes and activities.

It also provided a platform for the media to have a deeper understanding of CAMFED’s contribution towards girls’ education, women’s empowerment as well as the SDGs 4 and 5.

At the meeting, it emerged that the association has made a tremendous impact since its implementation in 1998.

From the year 1998 to 2020 CAMFED has supported 599,899 students to go to school.

90,449 girls have been supported through secondary school with a full CAMFED scholarship and that 41,761 young women from rural communities have been enlisted as members of the association.

So far, 2,400 teacher mentors have been trained to support girls in 1,189 CAMFED partners schools.

84,846 businesses have also been started by CAMFED Association members who have received CAMFED loan, grant or training.

Other achievements are;

$ 5,677,412- monetary value of resources contributed by community members and CAMFED Association to support children to go to school among others.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief


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