Burning Of Excavators: “Put Salt In The Engine, Fire Is Not Enough”- St. Sark

Apostle Kofi Nkansah Sarkodie a.k.a “Saint Sark”, founder and leader of Open Arms Ministry has directed government on how to go by the burning of excavators used by “galamseyers” in their operations.

Though the Kumasi-based Cleric has okayed the action of authorities, he has however indicated that setting the engine on fire alone will not deter perpetrators.

He gave reasons that with the above style of termination, the equipment could still be reused by their owners.

He schooled that before the excavators are set on fire, those in charge of the action should first of all place salt inside the tank of each engine, replace the petrol within the fuel tank with diesel, spark the engine and hold it on for 10 minutes.

He said that whiles the engine is on, it can then be set on fire, explaining that with this method, the pixels and the whole engine will be destroyed completely beyond repairs.

“If you are burning it burn it well…The fire alone is not enough. Put salt into the tank of the engine”, he strongly advised government.

Apostle Saint Sark noted that until every excavators belonging to illegal miners are burnt, there is no way activities related to “galamsey” can be stopped.

He suggested that all foreign nationals involved in the illegality should be deported immediately if they are arrested.

Apostle Saint Sark made this statement when he was addressing the media in Kumasi on Tuesday.


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