Broken heart can kill: read the sad story of this lady to advise yourself

There is this young lady at where I work and I really want to be of great help to her as a friend before things get out of hand.

She wanted to get married as a virgin and as a result, she refrained from dating until she completed her tertiary education.

She fell in love with one of the guys who was a resident of the neighborhood and was also schooling in the tertiary.

This young man gave the lady hopes of marriage after he has completed school. As a result, the lady began supporting the guy with his fees, hostel accommodation, food provisions as well as monthly allowance and a whole lot.

Fellow friends, the guy came home on one of the vacations and lured to sleep with her with so many promises and hopes. She insisted on intimacy after marriage but was convinced that it will rather strengthen the relationship and she fell for it.

Can you believe that right after the guy took the girl’s virginity, he blocked her line?

Yes, you read it right, he blocked her line. Not even to check on her if she has reached home mpo.

After failing to reach him for two days, she was informed by her mom that he has left for school.

With mix feelings running through her head, a friend of the guy gave her a shock of her life. He revealed that it was a bet to get her in bed as she always portray herself as a Saint.

She couldn’t handle the pain and developed a heart condition which up to date, she’s still on medication. She was admitted to the hospital after collapsing during work hours six times.

The ordeal she went through is another topic for another day.

It’s been two years now since the incident but cries every now and then as if it happened just yesterday. I’ve been talking to her and giving her motivation to move on but it’s not working. I’ve talked to some elders in her church to pray and help her but the crying won’t stop.

I want advice on how to help her as a friend. She’s a good woman and doesn’t deserve to be in such condition. Please manofans, how do you help someone deal with shattered heart? Thank you.

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