Bro Be Smart!!! These Signs Show She Is No More In Love With You

Welcome home my dear one.

When we talk of love, it is basically that magical experience that can turn even the dreariest life into a blooming wonderland.

But when love is fading away it can feel like you are wilting with the withered harmattan leaves.

If you are in a relationship that is going sour you may be stuck with all sorts of anxieties and sad emotions brewing inside of you.

What did I do at all to make her behave this way?

Why is this relationship such a drag these days?

Is this current rough spot in my head or is it real?

Am I actually trying too hard and actually making her pull away even more?

And, most of all: has she fallen out of love with me or is there still a chance to patch things up?

Below are some of the clear signs that show she is no more in love with you;

1) She just does not give a rip:

If you have had bad breakups and rough relationships before then you know the feeling of a toxic connection.

Constant fights, brutal insults followed by passionate makeup sex.

Building someone up just to break them down. Using vulnerabilities to attack your partner. Feelings of betrayal, inadequacy, deep disappointment.

Sadly, people in love do this all the time when they have not yet healed the wounds within themselves.

People who are not in love don’t usually do this. They generally just … don’t care.

If she id fallen out of love with you chances are she’s checked out emotionally and in most other ways.

Does she ignore most of what you say, smile wanly in a fake way constantly?

Make excuses that she has to go every time you are about to spend time together?

These are all classic signs of avoidance and someone who is no longer in love.

In fact the harsh truth is that a woman can feel a lot of resentment toward you but still love you, but when she loses respect for you love goes right along with it.

You can be the nicest guy in the world, but if you are wishy-washy and never stand up for yourself (or anything else) you won’t even appear on her romance radar.

One word answers, quick pecks on the cheek, avoided eye contact, and generally, uninterested behavior should tell you all you need to know. If your partner still loved you then you have to explain why she is treating you like a stain on the carpet.

Maybe it is for something completely unrelated and to do with her own life. But chances are it’s more related to her losing respect and attraction for you.

It might not even be your fault, but denying it will not change it. It has happened to me when a girl I was dating started showing less and less interest after seeing me have an anxiety attack and me becoming clingy and dependent on her validation as a result.

Please be informed that there are many reasons it can happen and it is not pretty. It can be a big hit to your self-esteem and self-image. But would you rather a woman fake it or would you rather rip the bandaid off?

2. Her new guy friends start popping up all over:

Assuming you are not a jealous guy, then your girlfriend or wife having male friends is no big deal at all. In fact, you are glad for her and you might feel like it eases off the pressure on you to be Mr. Chatty at times.

Still, the underlying fact about this is that if a woman is getting closer and closer to guy friends and attracting them like flies there is a clear reason for that.

And it is not her being so in love with you that she just wants to dish to her new beard buddies.

Women lap up male attention – platonic or otherwise – because it feeds a positive image they have of themselves and boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Obviously men and women can be great friends without it having to be some fake-ass ego-stroking club, but the point is that if your girl is wandering off and popping up with all sorts of new and old rediscovered guy friends you might want to see that as a bit of a red flag.

3. She would rather spend time with her “girls” than you.

The flip side of your partner spending lots of time with gaggles of new guy friends is when she brushes you off at every opportunity to hang out with the “girls.”

OK, great. Of course, you are glad she has her own life and female friends to hang out with and enjoy time together. Nothing wrong with that.

The problem comes about in that a woman’s friend circle is not always super positive and they are not necessarily going to influence her in a good direction, especially if alcohol and long rants about what dicks they are stuck with ends up becoming the topic of conversation (and does it ever not?)

Especially if your girl has close “girls” who are more on the negative and kick-ass-and-take-names side, there is a good chance your dirty laundry will be getting aired and she’ll start to treat time with her girls as a fantasy power projection of leaving you behind (until she does just that for real).

4. She does not want to touch you or you to touch her:

Let us be clear, your gal or the girl you are into obviously has no “obligation” to be physically intimate with you or touch you or massage you or drape herself all over you in sensuous bliss as a cool night breeze comes through the window highlighting her enticing raven-black hair.

Thank you very much for your time.

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