Breaking: Bawumia Issues Disclaimer After Security Stops Boys In Ksi



My attention has been drawn to a cut and paste video from the full video of the BAWUS press conference dubbed RED CARD PRESS CONFERENCE which was organised against Captain smart of Angel TV then.

Captain smart showed gross disrespect to President Akuffo Addo, Alhaji Dr Bawumia, some NPP gurus and NPP as a party. The Bawus were not happy about DR kwaku Oteng and his beautiful daughter Francisca Oteng’s silence on captain smart’s nauseating and irritating blackmailing attacks which was maliciously concocted to vilify NPP and NPP GURUS.

What preemted the press conference was the latest personal attacks on Dr BAWUMIA , the epitome of knowledge and economic connoisseur by captain smart that ” Dr Bawumia WABON, WABONBONBON BOBON BOBON” which was quoted in the press statement to express our displeasure in order for Dr Kwaku Oteng to take drastic action against Captain smart.

Lo and behold three(3) days after the press conference, captain smart has since been suspended from Angel TV. The Bawus are most grateful to Dr Kwaku Oteng and the Management of Angel TV.


The breaking and shocking news is that some unscrupulous person who God has created with sense to contribute to the growth of Ghana, has picked the BAWUS video, cut the reference I, Duncan Opoku Boateng, aka Bombay, who is the National Chairman of Movement for Bawumia for President 2024, in short as THE BAWUS, I made to captain smart’s insult on Dr BAWUMIA and streaming it on social media misleading that as if it is the direct speech of the THE BAWUS.

I am issuing this disclaimer to aver strongly with turbulent heart that such a video is misleading the public, inciting my able person against Dr Bawumia whom I am striving harder to let him succeed President Akuffo Addo come 2024, and also denting the image of THE BAWUS.

The video is cut and paste from the original video which is attached to this write up for the public perusal to reconcile the fact.

I am however, entreating the public not to give credence and prominence to such irrisponsible action of such confusion breeder. Treat such an action with all the deserving contempt.

Duncan Opoku Boateng
Public Relations professional

BawuNational Chairman

Below is the doctored video

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