Boil teak leaves, drink morning and evening to cure these 5 diseases



Studies have disclosed that the teak plant contains anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antidiabetic, anti-ulcerogenic, antibacterial, analgesic and antioxidant.

It also carries anti-diuretic, hypoglycemic, antiasthmatic, antifungal, antitumor, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Due to this, the extracts from the entire parts of the teak plant are useful for treating hyperacidity, bronchitis, leprosy, biliousness, diabetes, dysentery and many more diseases.

Because this plant is known as a sturdy tree, most people avoid the leaves and prefer the tree trunk as construction of home-based.

You need to know, not everything that exists on this earth will be a waste that is thrown away carelessly.


Here are the benefits of teak leaves for the human body that all of us must know.

1. Teak Leaf Serves As Hypertension medication

It is a bit surprising to hear this, but teak leaves can help keep your blood pressure from soaring and become a risk of hypertension.

2. It Helps To Overcome Deficiency of Red Blood Cells (Anemia)

Teak leaf is rich in antioxidants and prevents red cell deficiency disease.

Teak leaves have the benefit of preventing the occurrence of anemia in us.

By treating teak leaves as a beverage / boil to drink water, you can get various benefits to keep your body healthy.

3. Teak Leaves Help To Overcome Abdominal Pain.

Boiling and drinking water from of teak leaves, as a result diarrhea and abdominal pain diseases will heal quickly.

4. It Helps To Overcome Constipation

One of the risks when the body lacks fluid or lack of fiber in the intake of eating, consequently we will experience constipation.

Where this position of feces in our digestive system will become hard and minimal water.

One effort to overcome these problems is using traditional methods, namely by utilizing this teak leaves as a herbal drink.

5. It Helps To Prevent Damage Digestion

One therapy that you can do to keep the digestive system in order to always be in a healthy condition, that is by consuming boiled water of teak leaves.

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