Boil Neem Tree Leaf, Bath With Water For 7 Days To Cure These Diseases



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In this article we will be going back to the olden days where people use to bathw local herbal medicine and the topic of the article will be about neem tree leaves so do well to read through this article to the very end.

Have you ever spotted someone covering himself with a cloth and inhaling the scent of herbal medicine before?

In fact this practice is known as herbal bath.

Herbal bath plays a very important role in Africa for the past years but this time around due to the modern lifestyle this practice is being endangered but still some people practice it.


It works perfectly in the treatment of malaria and fevers.

Neem tree leaves called “GyeneGyene” in twi and is mostly used for this particular bath. Without much talking let us move to the main topic for today.

Neem Trees “GyeneGyene”

Neem tree are located almost everywhere in our surroundings and are very beneficial to our health.

They contain antifungal, antioxidants antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that helps impoves human health.

With the neem tree leaves it has a toffee like structure as it’s fruit which has some oil in it.

The leaves also has it function which we will be talking about today, the bark of the tree is also used in preparing local medicine and the stem of the can be also be used in making pestle.

This shows us how important the plant is beneficial to us.

In today’s article I would like to show you how you can prepare a herbal medicine from this tree and some diseases that can be cured with them.

How to prepare the medicine.

1. Get your neem tree leaves and boil them in water.

2. Add small amount of salt.

3. Allow the mixture to boil for about 30mins- 1 hour.


1. With those with skin disease especially ringworm I assure you to start using this herbal remedy it works very perfectly. With these people after bathing , rinse the soap from your body using the boiled neem tree leaves.

After rinsing, make sure you do not wash it away, allow it to dry up by itself.After doing this then you get small coconut, small coconuts are mostly found under the coconut tree.

Rub the mouth of the coconut on a clean stone to get it’s pointed mouth. After then you you rub it softly on the the affected area whether it is on your head. I assure you that within one week all the ringworms will be gone.

2.Also with the ladies having dandruff in their hair I assure to start using this herbal medicine to treat them. I know you can shave your hair, try as much as possible to apply this herbal medicine under the hair for effectiveness.

3. With those having malaria, cut 10 lime into half and boil them with neem tree leaves. After boiling them take one cup of the medicine and pour the rest in the bucket. Cover yourself with a cloth and start inhaling the heat from the bucket.

After inhaling the heat then you take in the medicine in the cup. With these herbal medicine I assure you that all your long time suffering in treating malaria is gone forever.

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Thank you so much.

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