Boil mango leaves and onion. Drink to treat these infections



Mango leaves are endowed with vitamin B, C and A.

They are highly effective antioxidants that is why they are used for treatment of so many diseases.

Onions on the other hand are also packed with numerous health benefits.

Some of the nutrients in onions helps very well in promoting proper heart health and vision.



1 Get a handful of mango leaves and onions. Wash them thoroughly with salt solution.

2 Put them in a pot and pour 1 litre of water .

3 Bring it to boil for 30 minutes

4 Use a strainer or filter to filtrate the residue from the boiled mixture.

5 Pour the mixture into a clean container

Drink a cup of it in an empty stomach daily ( morning and evening). You could also add honey to it as a sweetener.

1 It enables you to deal with and prevent Diabetes

2 it assists in removing mouth odour and gum infections

3 It promotes weight loss

4 it helps deal with dysentery and respiratory infections or problems

5 it may help treat kidney and gall stones.

Source; opera news

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