Boil Coconut Husk…Drink Morning And Evening To Treat These Diseases

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What may seem a trash for both sellers and buyers of coconut husk is surprisingly capable of curing many diseases we least expected.

In Ghana, coconut sellers encounter the challenge of where to depose off their coconut husk, due to this, some have resorted to disposing them off at any place they get the chance at night

Dr. Michael Kofi Darko, Chief Executive Officer of Agadarko New Life Clinic in a TV interview underlined some health benefits gained from drinking coconut husk tea which everyone can easily make at home and at the office.

Here Is How Coconut Husk Tea Is Made.

1. Tear the coconut husk into pieces and place them in a cup.

2. Boil one cup of water and pour it onto the husk.

3. Allow the husk to soak for about 15 minutes .

4. Your husk tea is ready for consumption.

Drink before meals once or twice daily.

Here Are The Benefits;

Coconut husk tea cures the following diseases.

1. Kidney stones whiles protecting the kidney.

2. Gonorrhea

3. Tuberculosis


5. All forms of ulcers

6. Stops the work of bad bacteria in the system.

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Source; Opera News

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