Boil bamboo, drink and see the changes in your body



Many people call it grass but i call it vegetable.

This is another supernatural occurrence plant we can use to forestall Asthma, Birth issue, free radicals and furthermore balance sugar level and many others.

Bamboo for Stomach Disorder:

It is recommended that bamboo leaves can help in conditioning of stomach muscles and advancing the action of stomach. This can assist in treating acid reflux and other gastric-related issues.

Again the antispasmodic property of bamboo can help in calming stomach and intestinal fits, in this way treating loose bowels, and so forth.


Bamboo for Menstrual Disorders:

The emmanagouge property of bamboo can help in advancing and directing menstrual periods. This may help in treating unpredictable periods.

Bamboo for Treating Respiratory Disorders:

The antispasmodic property of bamboo leaves can help in treating fits of the respiratory lot. This may help in treating asthma, bronchial fits, and so on.

Bamboo for the Treatment of Intestinal Worms:

It is accepted that the germicidal property of bamboo may help in slaughtering intestinal worms. A decoction of leaves may help in disposing of string worms.

Bamboo for Ulcer Treatment:

Bamboo can help in cleaning and mending of wounds by advancing blood flow. This may help in treating ulcers

Due to the Spanish fly properties of the bamboo plant, it very well may be utilized for delivering drugs for invigorating sexual wants.

How to make bamboo tea?

Include one teaspoon of bamboo leaves to a tea kettle with a few cups of water

Warmth the blend until it begins bubbling

Eliminate it from warmth and spread the pot

Permit it to soak for 3-5 minutes

Channel the imbuement utilizing a sifter

Improve with nectar.

Safety and precaution


Individuals with hypothyroidism and goiter ought to abstain from having it in abundance and for delayed periods as it might bother these issues.

Source; opera news

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