Black Thursday! Ghana’s former President J.J Rawlings is dead

What a black Thursday? Information coming in has just confirmed the sudden death of the founder of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, former president of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings.

According to trusted sources this sad news happened in the early hours of today, the 12th of November, 2020, though the cause of his death is yet to be revealed by the family of the founder of the NDC.

Former President Jerry Rawlings just buried his mother about a month ago where he was though in a sad mood but, was seen to be very fit and firm.

This sad news is indeed a mighty blow not only to the NDC but to the Nation as a whole since he paid his quota to the country by savaging Ghana through a coup in the the year 1972 and 1978 respectively until he was voted as the first president of the fourth republic.

We wish him farewell with deep tears and sorrow.

Source; Opera News

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