Bishop Agyin Asare saves Ghana…lifts hot prayers against political conflict



Bishop Charles Agyin Asare was in his elements last night when he was spotted by on PTV uttering red-hot prayers against demonic plans aimed at plunging the nation into conflict in this year’s general elections.

The fire-blazing Evangelist in a televised prayer and fasting program led some prayer warriors of his church to extinguished dark agenda that seeks to magnify the inactions of individuals to generate confusion.

Bishop Agyin Asare in his prayer topic gave the 1993 Kokomba-Nanumba conflict as a precedent.

He made reference on how the conflict broke out all because somebody killed another person’s foul.


Leader for Perez Chapel International said the incident was so much ballooned by the devil and as a result generated misunderstanding and conflict in the area.

Speaking from a spiritual perspective, he explained that the devil magnified the event behind the scene.

“…behind the scene the devil had orchestrated and so when the foul was killed, suddenly there was a misunderstanding”.

In his prayer, he said that no word or deed of a Pastor, a politician, a journalist should push the nation into political upheaval.

“…nothing that any politician shall say. Nothing that any journalist will say. Nothing that any Pastor. Nothing that any political party member…”

With a strong spiritual backing of his prayer warriors, he took charge of the airwaves and sanctified it with the immaculate blood of JESUS after he recalled to memory how Rwanda was plunged into war through the media.

By Enock Akonnor

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