Beware!!! These 3 Foods Are The Favourite Of Witches…Here Is Why

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In Ghana and Africa to be precise, litany of people are so much inclined to superstition.

There is strong believe in the existence of witches, wizards, ancestral gods, marine spirits among others and often they are responsible for bad incidents.

In the olden days, outbreak of a ailment in a community was said to have been caused by the gods as a punishment over an abomination committed.

Witches and wizards are sometimes accused as the causative agents of such evil.

In Ghana and Africa, there are some foods that people have tagged as the food of witches and wizards.

They premise their defense on the fact that perpetrators of the act get people initiated into the craft by implanting a witchcraft seed into such foods for them to eat.

People who for whatever reason gave up on the above evil craft confess that they were initiated after eating any of such foods given to them by either a friend or a relative who was in the craft.

Now the good story is that such foods are actually not the favourite delicacy of witches but they are instead one of the mediums they use to win a person into the craft all because they are just delicious and enticing. Actually every food can be a channel.

Now below are some of such foods;

One of the foods that have been tagged as the food of the witches is, ‘Adibi’.

This food is made from corn flour. It is mixed with groundnut.

Palm oil is added to give it a red color and also adds some taste to it.

People say it belongs to witches. Whenever someone attempts to go for this kind of food, you will hear someone saying, ah!
Why are you going for this food? It is for witches.

But this is one of the most delicious local foods in Ghana.

There is also another food that has been tagged as witches food.

This food is prepared also with corn flour palm, palm oil, pepper and some meats in it. But the method used to prepare it is different from that of ‘adibi’ as mentioned earlier.

This food is called ‘apreprensah’. It is done in different ways.

Also, one of the most liked foods in Ghana, which is prepared from plantain. It is usually mixed with groundnut, pepper and the main one, palm oil.

That is ‘etor’. It is bet served with egg and some peanuts on it. It is mostly used to perform rituals during festivals.

It is also mostly used by fetish priests to serve their gods.

This food is very nice, but make sure you have water close to you before eating.

This is because of how it easily chokes. Eat also gently. If eaten in a rush, you will never like it again.

All of these foods are very good. Most people tag them as food of the witches because of the red color given to them by the palm oil. And they had a belief that, red colors are mostly for witches.

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