BEWARE: Stop drinking milk if you have any of these conditions

Milk is a nutrient-rich liquid food produced in the mammary glands of mammals.

It carries many nutrients including protein and lactose.

Milk is enjoyed by majority people due to its sweet and nutritious taste.

However, there are a few number of people who should either avoid consuming milk or use it in moderation.

Wthout waiting much time, let us have a look at the list of conditions under which an individual should avoid milk;

1. Obese or fatty people.

As a health expect my advise to obese patient is to avoid taking in milk because it contributes to gaining more extra weight.

Also obese patient taking in much milk may also contribute to early diseases such as stroke and may also make you dull.

2. Adults Above Age 50

The digestive system of adults can not breakdown milk very well making it a little complicated when they drink milks.This is a result of their body being lactose intolerant.

3. People who are losing weight.

Milks may help you lose or gain weight depending on your digestive system.milk may lead to weight gain if the amount of calorie intake is much greater than the amount of calories your body burn.

2. People with heart diseases

Milk has been considered a risk factor for heart disease because of its content in cholesterol, fatty acids, and possibly lactose.

This article is not to back-stab milk lovers but to educate them on some of the potential health risk of eating too much at a goal.

For those in the underlined health conditions, please we advise you talk to your doctors before using too much milk.

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