Beware of this witchcraft agent!! See how to avoid them with cassava sticks

Witches operate in diverse ways and never have a good mind set for people.

To challenge them you must have a spiritual power or the gifts of using herbs to destroy their operations.

There is an animal called house gecko and is known in Ghana as ”Efie Wura”. It is a very dangerous animal used by in witchcraft to operate.

In the world of witchcraft it is used as a messenger or a mobile phone to communicate and mostly such animals are always quite on the wall and whenever you try to kill them, their tails will be the first thing to remove and make sure never to step on the tail when it is remove.

stepping on the tail when it removes can cause you a very serious diseases.

Also when sleeping at night, it normaly comes closer to spit in your mouth. This too can incur a disease on you.

In other to avoid yourself from getting in touch with such an animal and attracting problems to yourself do this to stay safe.

Use four cassava stick about 1feet tall and place them one by one at the four corners of your rooms or hall and that will be their end, trust me such animal will not be seen anymore or even near your house.

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