Beware Of These Christians If You Are A Witch Or Wizard In Ghana



Hello my dear reader. Please is sharing with you a true story of a former sorcerer who, before becoming a Christian, was the President of Africa’s witches and wizards.

In this confession, he limited his speech to activities outside the home and at the market in this educational piece.

He started by saying that as a woman of prayer approached the market gate, the market’s guardian demon would send out a warning to his agents of darkness around her.

He shared the story of a praying woman who went shopping at the market one day.


As he spiritually observed her, he noticed that she was surrounded by a flaming fire and that a flaming sword moved in front of her whenever she moved.

“This means the Lord’s guardian angel was prepared for conflict,” he explained.

“The moment this woman entered the market, we were on high alert because her fire was consuming the net. I saw flames of fire coming from her mouth as she came to a halt in front of a desk to inquire about the price of chili, and the demons on these foods scattered running away from the flame that was coming from her mouth.

Demons run away as a result of this woman’s antics, leaving goods and food behind. Many women who came to the market that day bought good food because the flaming fire of this woman of prayer dispersed demons infesting the food.”

He went on to narrate that a lot of bacteria is caused by demons. It is extremely dangerous for Satan’s world when a woman prays. Because everything in the spirit world has come to a halt, a woman of prayer appears to be a raging fire as she walks down the street.

In fact we must acknowledge that the markets are ruled by the sirens of global food, he said.

Because God’s presence in them purifies the market, and the fire that covers them always scatters the demons, people benefit so much whenever women of prayer enter the market.

Sorcerers would return to bewitch them again as soon as they left the market place.

After that, he brought up the subject of alcohol.

“The other day, we went to a brewery where they were designing beer,” he continued.

“After the demons had left, those present peed on the liquid that was supposed to be used to make beer.

The foods and beverages that people consume are unimportant to them. In the market, I had many agents selling food, but the food they were selling was not food. I would like to remind you to think about what you eat and pray about it.”

Please beware. Thank you very.

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