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Still Cooking With Gas? Stop These Quickly

The world is currently a global village, old stuff are gradually fading out of existence and new ones have been introduced.

The use of cooking gas cylinders in our various homes has now substituted the use of stoves and charcoal.

Many people have still not been able to settle on the usage of gas in their home because of fear.

Gas usage can be very destructive if it is not well handled.

Provided below are six vital things you must never do if you use gas cylinders at home.

1. Users of gas should never make phone calls near their cylinder:

We always carry our phone along with us so as to avoid missing important calls or information.

But please don’t forget that making phones calls near your gas cylinder can lead to a deadly explosion, due to the kind of wave that mobile phone releases.

2. Never on any occasion should you shake your cylinder

Most of us are fund of shaking our gas cylinder as a way of checking the quantity of gas that is keft.

Please be informed that this singular act can trigger a great explosion.

Instead of shaking it, just go for a gas refill.

3. Never try to manage a faulty cylinder

Management is very good, it is not good to waste, therefore management is OK, but not in the case a gas.

Any faulty cylinder should never be managed. The moment you realize that your cylinder has developed a fault or it’s wearing out, change it quickly. This will keep you on the safe side.

4. Users of gas cylinders should never use masking tape on host

Most of us use masking tape for temporary fixing of our gas hosts, but this is very dangerous and can spark a great explosion if it leaks.

5. Do not make use of your gas cylinder immediately after a refill

I know this may sound funny, but it is very relevant that you wait at least an hour after filling the gas before using it.

Please take note that the moment you fill your gas, the pressure will be high and can be dangerous.

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