Beware of Oranges, See What It Does To Your Body When Taken Excessively

Hello my lovely readers, have you ever been informed that excessive consumption of oranges can impose a negative impact on your body? Well if you are not privy to the foregoing, would like to school you on that through this article.

Before I touch the bad aspect, I want to first of all highlight the positive side of consuming oranges. Oranges keep our hearts healthy and also keep our eyes safe, however eating too much of it may cause irritation in our chest, weight gain, energy level uncontrolled, diarrhea.

Also consuming more oranges can weaken your bones too.


Vitamins C is very high in oranges including other important elements. Please be informed that in order to get these nutritional benefits, one must eat oranges at the right time.  It is wrong to consume orange immediately after eating. Oranges are supposed to be eaten one hour before eating or after one hour after eating.


A lot of people start their day by drinking orange juice but there are so many disadvantages associated with that. Drinking too much orange juice shoots up the blood sugar levels. Now in order to maintain the blood sugar levels, orange juice should be taken in very small quantities.

Weight Gain

Another thing we have to know is that drinking too much orange juice can cause the problem of weight gain. Carbohydrate present in the orange increases the load of the glycemic index in our blood which boosts weight. Taking orange juice in excess increases the amount of fiber, carbohydrate in the body and also leads to excessive appetite.

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