Beware Of Nose Masks, Prolong Usage Can Cause This Problem To Your Body



Putting on nose mask haa been one of the preventive ways prescribed by WHO as a way of controling the spread of the corona virus.

Per medical truth, wearing of the mask decreases an individual’s chances of contracting or getting the virus.

However if one has already been infected, it will reduce the chances of he or she spreading the virus to others.

In fact it is very good to wear mask but it has been realized of late that prolong usage of the mask can be dangerous to the health of the user.

Ideally, nose mask is supposed to be worn for a limited time.


Prolonged usage according to medics can cause blood oxygen reduction, brain oxygen reduction.

When this happens, you will start feeling weak which may lead to death.

My dear readers, It is more advisable that you pull it off when you are alone.

Sometimes, I will see people in car with AC on still wearing mask. Hahahaha!! This is serious oooo.

Is it ignorance or illiteracy?

Never use or put on the mask when you are alone at home. You can only use it in a crowded place and when in close contact with one or more people.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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