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Beware of Gas Explosion: Do this Quickly If Your Gas Cylinder Starts Leaking. Don’t Joke With Number 4



Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in cylinders has a very distinctive smell added by manufacturers just to help users detect whenever the gas starts leaking.

The leakage of any LPG should not be ignored by users since it can trigger a great disaster. As way of prevention, www.leakynews.net wants to use this medium to get you informed on what to do in case the compressed gas within your cylinder starts leaking.


  1. Make sure you turn off the gas at the tank(s) or cylinder (s).
  2. In case of indoor cylinder yard, try as much as you can to disconnect the cylinder and quickly remove to an open space.
  3. For indoor leaks, to disperse the gas, quickly open all windows and doors to the outside. Avoid source of ignition
  4. Make sure you don’t turn electrical switches on or off
  5. No smoking
  6. For large outdoor leaks, make sure you keep people, vehicles and ignition sources away. If necessary, cordon off the area and/or have someone stay there to control access.
  7. In case a fire sparks, don’t hesitate to call the emergency line of Ghana Fire Service.

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