Beware of “Ataya”. National Security Sends Strong Warning

Ghana’s Ministry of National Security has instructed the Ministry of Health to rid the Ghanaian market of a famous green tea brand premise on its unwholesomeness for public consumption.

According to a letter addressed to the Minister of Health on March 12, this year, intercepted by GhanaWeb, the Ministry of National Security clearly outlined that it had received information indicating that the Burkinabe Chamber of Commerce on February 12, 2021, warned the public against the consumption of an unwholesome Chinese green tea labeled ‘Achoura.’

The Chamber continued to reveal that the product contains pesticide residue and because of that, recommended the removal of same from the market to protect consumers.”

The letter signed by Albert Kan-Dapaah, the Minister for National Security, consequently asked the Minister of Health to take urgent measures to prevent widespread use of the product which is said to be very famous in some West African countries, including the Northern parts of Ghana and some Zongo communities.

Source; Opera News

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