BEWARE!! Never Sleep Whiles Light Is On. This Will Happen To Your Body

Dear reader, do you know that exposure to light during sleep makes it very difficult for your brain to achieve deeper sleep? I’m sure you are ignorant of that.

Please exercise patience and read through this article as schools you on what happens to your body when you sleep whiles your lights are on.

Please understand that the more shallow or light sleep you get at night, the more your brain oscillations (activity) that allow you to get to deeper stages of sleep are negatively affected.

Apart from other conditions that directly affect your brain, a lack of deep sleep caused by light exposure has also been linked to the following side effects;

A. Depression

The habit of always sleeping with the lights on has been linked to depression.

Please take note of the fact that Blue light from electronic devices may have the worst effects on your mood.

A lack of sleep can also cause moodiness and irritability.

Majority of children who do not get enough sleep may be more hyperactive.

B. Obesity

One study on women discovered that obesity was more prevalent in those who slept with a television or light on.

C. Accidents
Understand that not getting enough quality sleep makes you less alert the next day.

This can be very dangerous especially if you drive a car or other type of machinery. Older adults may also be more prone to falls.

D. Increased risk of chronic illnesses:

If light continues to interfere with your sleep in the long term, you could be at an increased risk of certain chronic illnesses, whether you have obesity or not.

Some of them include; high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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