Beware: Never give your money to a beggar if you notice these 3 signs



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In today’s article I shall be discussing with you 3 signs you may notice in any beggar that should stop you from giving him or her your money.

In this 21st century many evil things are occuring in the name of giving money to street beggars.

Recently, a pregnant woman gave money to a man who is begging along the road side in delta state and all of a sudden She disappeared along side with the Man. Did you see?

All in the name of helping a beggar She is no where to be found.


Some of the people you see on the streets begging for money today are not real beggars, some of them are on demonic assignments, Looking for who to kill for money rituals.

We are all aware that it is good to give but experience has thought us lessons why we should be careful when its come to the aspect of giving, incase you Don’t know, they are People who ignorantly died simply because of charity.

Please don’t be deceived by beggars. There are things you should consider before giving them your money for the sake of your dear life.


1# If You Pray And Your Mind Tell You Don’t Give

My dear followers and readers, it is advisable you pray before giving out your money to any street beggars. “Today many People had gone to their grave early in the name of giving money to the wrong beggars” Inorder for you not to fall victim, pray and then listen to your mind before giving money to any street beggars.

If your mind didn’t permit you to give your money to the beggar, Don’t ever try giving him again because you Don’t know What God is preventing from you.

God can speak to you different ways and all the time most especially when danger is about to happen to you.


2# If He Or She Is Not Physically Disable

Don’t ever give your money to any complete beggar, today they are many opportunities and taske that individual will do. These days, many People have turned themselves to street beggars looking for money. And the unfortunate things is that not all these beggars today are good, they are People looking for innocent People to harm. People be wise.

3# If The Beggar Is Forcing You To Give Him Money

If you notice the beggar is forcing you to give him or her your money Please Don’t give because you Don’t know What he or She means before forcing you.

I heard a story of a new welded woman and a beggar, who force this woman to give him money and the woman gave him. Immediately She runs mad. Please follow this message and nothing evil of such can happen to you.

Please share this message to the large society thanks.

Source; opera news

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