Beware!! Never buy an apple if you see this



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is not surprising that we love eating apples.

We also like the crunchy sounds they make anytime we chew them.

Oh yea, the crunchy ones make the meal. Apples are highly filled with antioxidants and are immune boosters.

This suggests that we need to eat more apples in this corona season

Green apples have low fat content and help in maintaining good blood flow in the body. Improved circulation can prevent heart diseases and strokes.


Apples that are green are also rich in vitamin K, which gives them the ability to heal blood clots.

Anyway let’s get to business. Have you ever wondered why your apples are almost always crunchy?

Indeed apples are supposed to be crunchy inside out. However we should bear in mind that apples are fruits and are perishable like any other fruit.

Apples are imported to this country because apples do not thrive on our land.

When apples are bought it tends to spoil soon after but it stays very long on fruits stands

This is due to the fact that the apple sellers have a way of preserving apples so that it stays for long on their stalls without rotting and changing color.

Apple sellers secret

This may sound very weird but yes its true. Apple sellers use candle wax to rub their apples. The wax serves as a barrier between the apple and the environment. This is because high temperatures hasten ripening and hence rotting.

Even though they know its bad and dangerous this is done to reduce the heavy losses they may incur when it rots, since apples stay longer on stalls than other fruits. Some people have a notion that apples are expensive so they tend to resort to others like bananas and oranges. It is adviceable to wash your apples very well with warm water and if possible cleaned thoroughly with a piece of napkin before it is consumed.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away may turn into an apple a day brings the doctor around. Apple is sold at fruit stands like all other fruits. Without any or with just little supervision from the Food and Drugs Authority.

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