BEWARE: If you keep these two animals in your house, this message is for you

Domestic animals that is the animals we rear in our houses are of a great benefit to us.

We cannot live without them. God made them as part of us. That is the reason why we loose everything just to protect them.

They also in turn do all what they can to protect us especially dogs and cats.

They are very good to us. There are some strange things we don’t know about the pets we have in our various homes.

Some are good to us in the other way round but there are some too who are dangerous to us in the spiritual realm.

As you read this article, count yourself blessed because I will show you the two pets in your house that you need to beware of.

Though they seem not to be dangerous but they are.

1. Goats

Goats are the mostly reared animals in Ghana especially in the northern part of Ghana and other parts of the world.

They are very essential to humans since they provide food for us. Again they also provide us a source of income since people do buy them for their various uses.

But goats in the spiritual life are very dangerous. Take note that these domestic animal do not repel evil spirit. They do rather accept them. You should take note of this. That is the reason why it not advisable to allow them to move about just like that.

2. Cats

Cats are one of the most cute and adorable domesticated animals in the world. We human beings really love them. When we take dogs aside, cats are the next friendly pets in the house. They make our houses very safe.

Cats on the other way round are also very dangerous. These house creatures are very easy to be possessed by evil spirit. That is the reason why they always try to avoid them by passing by whenever they see them unlike dogs.

You need to beware if you have a cat since it can be used against you by evil spirit. So just keep them safe in your house.

These are the two animals you should be careful of in the house since we always mingle with them.

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