Beware: early signs of prostate enlargement you shouldn’t ignore



From a medical perspective, Prostate is a small gland located beneath the neck of the bladder.

It is responsible for the emmission of prostatic fluid or juice. The fluid produced by the prostate carries sperm from the testicles after ejaculation. The fluid aids in nourishing and protecting the sperm cells.

Prostate is a very relevant gland found in every male and plays an important role as far as reproduction is concerned.

Most people get scared when we talk about prostate. They usually think prostate is a disease but it is just an organ or let me say a gland which every male has.


It is when the prostate becomes larger, that is when there is a cause for alarm. When it becomes enlarged, it is medically called ‘Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia’ (BPH). When it is not enlarged it can also become cancerous which is normally known as Prostate cancer which I will talk about later.

Every Prostate has a normal size but becomes abnormal the moment it enlarges.

The abnormality comes with so many discomfort when such happens. When the prostate enlarges, there are some signs and symptoms that the person will experience. It is very important and not to be ignored when such signs are been experienced.

Prostate enlargement has treatment though long term but needs to take attention to it at the early stage before it worsens. These are the 5 early signs you should not ignore and has to seek medical attention as early as possible

1. Inability to urinate

When the prostate becomes enlarged, it constricts the outlet of the bladder. This in turn becomes difficult for the urine to flow from the bladder to to urethera. The bladder then distends and causes pain as a result of the retention of the urine.

2. Painful Urination / Troubling starting to urinate

Most at times because the neck of the bladder becomes constricted by the enlarged bladder, you would have to exert much energy or put pressure before you can urinate. It is very unusual and abnormal. One does not need to put a lot of pressure before he or she can urinate. Because of the pressure, the urine comes but with pains. The enlarged nature of it can also cause pain.

3. Weak Stream

Under normal circumstances, urine has to flow very well with strong or high stream. Remember when you were young, you could lie down down and urinate but the urine can still go up with pressure. That is how it should be when you are urinating. When one experiences very low or weak stream, there is an early sign of prostate enlargement that needs to be checked.

4. Frequent Urination

Sometimes as a result of the enlarged prostate, there is too much pressure on the bladder which forces urine out. So anytime there is urine in the bladder, because of the pressure, you will always have the urge to urinate at frequent intervals.

It mostly occurs at night which disturbs your sleep. When it happens continuously, it is normal.

5. Loss of bladder control

Normally, when you have the urge to urinate, you can consciously programme your mind to hold the urine for sometime before you void. But when the prostate becomes enlarged, you can’t control your bladder and if care is not taken, you can urinate on yourself. The enlarged bladder will put a lot of pressure on the bladder and forcibly cause the urine to come out.

The above mentioned points are early signs of prostate enlargement which should not be taken for granted. Early medical attention is important to prevent potential complications. Early treatment is the key to every ailment.

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