Ben Ephson’s predictions fail once again; Should we take him serious?



Ghanaian pollster and Managing Editor for the Daily Dispatch newspaper, Ben Ephson has thrown dust into the eyes of Ghanaians once again after all his predictions for this year’s elections failed woefully.

Ben Ephson in an interview on Angel TV predicted a massive win for the NPP, which clearly came to past.

However, he made many detailed predictions which none of them came to past.

In his predictions, the pollsters projected the New Patriotic Party to win more than 52% with at least 85% turnout for the elections

Per what he said, the new patriotic party will win exactly 52.6% of the total votes and the National Democratic Congress will garner 45.7% but yesterday after the Electoral Commission declared the results, the New Patriotic Party has 51.59% and the National Democratic Congress having 47.6%, which is very far from Ben Ephson’s predictions.


That was not all, he again told Captain Smart on Angel TV Anopa Bofo morning show that the New Patriotic Party will win all the swing regions and that will even give them massive victory but after the election, it was observed that John Mahama won most of the swing regions contrary to what Ben Ephson predicted

Ben Ephson also predicted the 2016 elections and it failed. Can we trust his predictions again?

Source; Opera News

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