Beijing to impose restrictions on all US diplomats in China



Beijing will impose what they have termed as a “reciprocal restrictions” on all American diplomats in China.

According to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the action is a response to earlier curbs on the activities of its embassy staff in the United States.

The unspecified countermeasures will affect  all US embassy and consulate staff, as well as the consulate-general in Hong Kong, a ministry statement indicated on Friday.

“To urge the US to repeal its wrong decisions as soon as possible, the Chinese side has recently sent a diplomatic note announcing reciprocal restrictions on US embassy and consulates, the consulate-general in Hong Kong included,” it continued.

The declaration comes days after China threatened to respond to a new raft of US restrictions on Chinese diplomats, such as a requirement to seek approval for university visits, holding cultural events with more than 50 people outside embassy grounds, or meetings with local officials.


Somewhere last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted that those measures were a response to long-established controls on American diplomats in China, drawing an angry rebuke from Beijing.

It comes as part of a Trump administration campaign against alleged Chinese influence operations and espionage activity.

Source; aljazeera

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