Before you talk to anyone today, say these prayers to attract destiny helpers

Your prayer altar should not be without fire as a believer. Before you take a step out today, you must receive your daily need and provision.

You don’t receive your daily bread at your shop or office; you get it at your place of prayer. If you fail to make known to God your needs, whatever you get at your place of work, blame yourself for that.

In the Bible, the payer Jesus taught his disciples goes this way “… Give us this day our daily bread.”

This discloses the secret of our daily living. Learn to receive all you want in a day at the very beginning of the day i.e in the morning.

This is very cardinal. This morning, you shall be receiving your destiny helpers and God’s blessings upon whatever you are doing.

Let’s begin.

Abba Father I thank you for keeping from physical and spiritual attacks last night. Thank you for every provision you have made for me in Jesus’ name.

Harken to my voice today O Lord. Hear my prayers O God because I believe in you. Send me my destiny helpers in this blessed day. Whatever has been delaying their appearance, I destroy it now in the name of Jesus.

Whoever you’ve designed to be a help me Lord, may he never tarry, let him appear with everything needed to help my destiny in the name of Jesus. Anything that may rob them of those things needed to bless my life, I destroy it by fire; in the name of Jesus Christ.

Again I receive your blessings in my business and job on this altar of prayer. I receive expansion of my business. I receive promotion in my place of work and I receive favour with all men today, in the name of Jesus. I receive all these by faith in the name of Jesus. May it come to pass in the name of Jesus.

In Jesus’ glorious name I have prayed. Amen

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