Before using Rev Obofour’s “abayifuo nku” please read this




The gift of the office of Prophet was temporary granted by God for the sole purpose of building the church.

Prophets were men given to the church and appointed by God Himself. God therefore chose prophets in the Old Testament for the purpose of helping lay the foundation of the church.

In the old Testament they were the mouthpiece of God until Jesus died on the cross and then the veil ripped into two which signified that we no longer need prophets because we all can now directly communicate with God. So I wonder how and where these so called prophets receive their anointing as prophets from.

Today, there are so many cult leaders who claim that they are prophets of God. God now speaks to us all. There is no such office as prophet in the New Testament era. In my opinion, the word prophet these days has been used to get control and power over others. Greed and lust for power are the reason why some people have forced on themselves the office of Prophet.


True prophets are not fortune tellers but rather people who boldly speak the words of God with courage and conviction. Not just rattling verses with personal interpretation. The so called prophets of our time are all fortune tellers compared to the likes of Isaiah, Amos, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah and the rest.

Today when someone say, “God spoke to me”, we don’t ask for verification but then we start to worship him. Some people have taken advantage of religion to manipulate others for their gain or benefit. There are so many here in Ghana.

The funny part is that some have promoted themselves to become Angels. Is this not madness? Kweku Agyei Antwi who started as a Reverend now calls himself Obofour. And some Ghanaians worship him as such. My greatest worry or fear is the ‘abayifour nkuu’ he has been selling to our brothers, sisters and mothers who attend his church.

Under what condition is his so called miracle ‘abayifour nkuu’ produced? What and what does he use to produce it? Has it any side effect on human health? Obviously it has not passed through food and drugs board to be declared fit for human consumption. But some people are using it without considering all these.

Let us not put so much faith in these so called prophets. God does not live in ‘abayifour nkuu’. He does not live in an apple and he does not live in oil. God lives in us.

Source; opera news

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