BE VIGILANT: Do this quickly when somebody offers you a seat before it’s too late

We are Africans, Ghanaians to be precise, and we believe in the power and existence of African Magic.

Yes we do believe in the spirituality of our very existence.

My grandmother, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, once informed me that in order to live long you have to believe that witches and the spiritual world exists.

In our Ghanaian culture so many things are described as being superstitious by the youth of today. No wonder now the youth die at a tender age.

We always forget that the nation itself was built at the very brink of superstition and culture.

We are therefore advised to pay great deal of attention to few things that the adults of today tell us.

Now let us get to the point. When you visit someone and you are offered a seat, be sure not to sit directly on the chair.

This is what you should do before you sit.

If the chair is movable be sure to slightly move the chair before you sit on it. This is said to reverse any spell or evil trap that has been set for you.

If the chair is immovable please and please try to clean it with a handkerchief or simply with your hand before you sit.

Spiritually many people have lost their wombs and fate just by recklessly sitting anywhere.

You can also pray before you sit but it should be done in silence.

You can simply mention the name of Jesus to reverse any spells that are cast against you.

Muslims simply say ahamdullaila which simply means that they are praying to thank Allah. They do this even when they are boarding a car.

Be vigilant and wise. Listen to advice and stop challenging the elders. They are wiser and more experienced in life than us despite their education.

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