BE SMART!! See How To Calculate The Number Of Cement Bags For Your Building Project

Welcome my dear friend.

To calculate the total number of cement
bag needed for your building project, we need to first of all calculate the number of blocks required by reading my previous post published few days ago on calculating the number of blocks.

For example, if you are the person molding your own blocks
on the building
site, a bag of cement
will give you about 35 – 40 blocks
(6inch solid blocks
), or 35-40 blocks
(8inch hollow blocks
), the number of blocks
you mold in this range of 30blocks to 40blocks will determine the quality of the block.

When I say the quality of the block what
I mean is the strength based on the cement
and sharp sand mixing ratio and the compacting force
used doing the cement making.

In terms of making mortar for mason one bags of cement
mortar (soft mixture of sharp sand and cement
used in laying blocks
) can lay up to 100 solid blocks
(6inch) or 100 hollow blocks

Be informed that the bigger the size of the block the lesser the number.

However, you can still lay more number of block
with just a bag of cement mortar or lesser number of blocks with a bag of cement mortar, everything depends on the quality of house you intend to build.

Mortar made with a very high concentration of cement tends to hold the blocks stronger and helps to prevent easy cracking of building walls later.

So please carefully discuss with a builder near you to ascertain the appropriate number of blocks
a cement bag mortar can lay for you by specifying the type of block you are using for the building.

Thank you very much for your time.

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