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See How Most Fuel Attendants cheat Customers At Filling Stations

Dear reader, through this article, I will expose fuel attendats on how they dubiously cheat on customers anytime they purchase oil (petrol or diesel) from their filling station.

A customer will buy say GH 50 fuel but interestingly, he or she will end up going home with just GH 20.

This article will expose them highly.

Provided below are 3 common ways fuel attendants use to cheat their customers.

These are some of the methods they use;

A.The Distraction Method

Anytime you visit a station to purchase oil, please never get distracted.

Sometimes, the queue may be very long and discussion topics will definitely pop up but I beg you, never get distracted.

This is because the pump attendant for instance might have sold 10 cedis fuel to someone else.

Now if it gets to your turn and say you want to buy fuel worth 20 cedis, instead of the attendant resetting the fuel meter to zero cedis, he/she will just continue from the previous 10 cedis purchased by the previous customer.

Through this corrupt method, they will fill your car with just 10 cedis but the reading will appear 20 cedis on the pump machine. Please be careful.

B.The Recall Button Method

Every fuel pump has a button called “Recall Button”.

The function of the recall button is to display previous sales that customers made for the day.

Anytime you go to the petrol station to purchase fuel, let’s say you want to buy fuel worth 20 cedis.

The pump attendant will press that button to display a 20 cedis sale which she made.

They always do this so that you will not suspect them in any way.

Now if the pump attendant might have gained your trust by showing you the previous sale and you eventually turn your head to face another direction, he or she will quickly delete that reading on the meter and end up typing 10 cedis worth fuel for you.

Now when he or she finishes filling up your car, they will quickly change it back to the former 20 cedis. Please be observant!

C. The Nozzle Hanging Method

As part of the settings, anytime the nozzle is lifted to sell fuel to a customer, the digits on the meter automatically resets to zero including the amount you want to buy.

Shockingly, pump attendants have a corrupt way to manipulate the machine.

In other words, whenever you go to purchase fuel and you notice that the nozzle is hanging in a very suspicious way, quickly retrace your steps and focus your eyes on the fuel attendant.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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