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Be Smart!!! 7 Tricks To Cut Down Electricity Bills At Home

Hope at last Mr. Electricity Consumer.

These tips will help cut down your usage, so you will not freak out when the electric bill arrives.

Below are the tips;

Tip 1: Pull the Plug on Appliances

Even when you are not using appliances, they still continue to use energy.

So just pull the plug when you are done with the blender, toaster, food processor, and even your television—everything except appliances that need constant power to preserve a special setting.

Tip 2: Insulate Your Outlets

Did you know that you could be losing warm (or cold) air through your electrical outlets?

We placed some fireproof foam insulation under our outlet covers and switch plates, and were able to save several dollars a month on our utility bill.

Tip 3: Turn off Unused Electronics

One of the easiest strategies to save money on electricity is to turn off electronics when you are not using them.

To make it easier, get a power strip like the SmartStrip, which powers down devices based on the device’s usage.

For example, when you switch off your computer, the SmartStrip will cut the power to your monitor, printer, and scanner as well.

Tip 4: Use Lighter Paint

If you are trying to decide between deep or baby blue for your walls, you should know that lighter colors of paint will help you use less energy, as they reflect the light and heat in a room better than darker hues.

Tip 5: Be a Night Owl

You may not realize that most electric companies charge more for power during the day than at night.

Contact your local utility to find out whether this is the case in your area.

In fact that is the case in your area, make sure to do all your laundry, dishwashing, internet surfing, and other power-intensive tasks during off-peak hours.

We noticed the difference on our electric bill, and you will, too.

Tip 6: Use Jars for Heaters

Here is a neat trick for keeping your house warm without spending a cent in the fall and spring:

Pour water into mason jars or glasses (we use cleaned-out salsa jars with their labels removed), and line them up along your windowsill.

During the day, the sun will warm the water, which will gently warm any air getting through your window at night.

To make the jars even more decorative, add ribbons and bows, or add food coloring to the water for some pretty windowsill reflections.

Tip 7: Watch Out for Cordless Phones
Especially if it is an older model, your cordless phone can use a lot of electricity.

Keep your energy bills down by making sure you dim the lights on the display (if possible), and by not cranking up the volume, which can force the phone’s amplifier to work twice as hard.

Source; quickanddirtytips.com

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