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Be Smart: 5 Apps That Can Track Your Wife If She Is Cheating



Welcome to this page my dear reader. In fact consequent to the rate at which partners are cheating each other these days, some level of technological interventions have been introduced to salvage the situation. is basically talking about mobile applications that can easily track a Cheating wife or husband.

Provided below are some of the effective ones;

1. mSpy phone tracker;

Amazing!! If you want to test the waters with a free spy app, mSpy should be your best bet.


This spying application lines up a comprehensive collection of spy tools to catch a cheating spouse on a neat, crisp dashboard.

These features can be applied to both Android and iOS mobile phone devices.

With mSpy, you can also track multiple devices simultaneously — if you are not sure which of their phones they are most likely using to cheat.

The user interface of this app is well-organized, allowing for seamless access to any spy tool whenever you need it.

For example you can see all your spouse’s activities on any particular social media platform by just simply scrolling to ‘Social media tracker → Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp’ from your home page.

Interestingly, it will bring up a neat, accurately curated list of all their activities on that platform, from private messages to shared multimedia files, group chats, etc.

This awesome and fabulous spy app also allows you to monitor other social media messaging platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

In fact you will also enjoy additional features like calls and SMS tracking, a list of contacts, web browsing history, GPS tracking, and keylogging.

2. Auto Forward App:

Wonderful!! Auto Forward is also another excellent spy app that can be utilized for monitoring your cheating wife or husband’s activities.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

When you use this app to track online history on someone else’s phone, you will get access to view all the private messages shared.

With the Auto Forward app’s simple to use interface, all this information will be forwarded to your control dashboard for your clear viewing.

Another interesting thing is that this app can remotely monitor many instant messaging platforms.

3. SpyBubble:

This spy app falls among the excellent free Android spy apps used to track cheating spouses.

It comes with basic features that allow you to execute minimum spy functions on any cell phone.

It is very wild in its utilization.

It lets you see your partner’s pictures, videos, and messages from wherever you are.

It runs very smoothly with devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

4. TheTruthSpy:

Oh my God!! The name speaks for iitself.

TheTruthSpy offers you a fantastic way to check other people’s cell phone actions undetected,

It is another top spy app to catch your partner cheating.

Utilizing TheTruthSpy, you can keep tabs on all the goings-on on your wife’s accounts, check all the private messages and information.

In fact you will also check out all the pictures and videos your spouse sends, receives, and posts.

All the information will be supplied to you with time and date stamps too.

It lets you monitor a mobile phone in real-time.

It also offers you all the profile details about who the person is chatting with, including media files.

This app is serious because it can help you track popular third-party chat apps, and get notified about all new texts, calls, and apps installed on the phone.

5. MobiPast Spy app:

A complete parental monitoring software, MobiPast, assists parents carefully keep vigilance on their children’s smartphone activities but also can be used to catch a cheating spouse.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope I didn’t waste your data.

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