Be Careful: These 4 Things Can Bring Curse On Your Life

Welcome my dear friend.

If you notice some people struggling in life with nothing to show for it, do not take it lightly.

Some people are very hardworking but are not making any progress in the work they do.

This is because of the repercussions of things they do knowingly or unknowingly.

There are curses that people get from some particular things they so.

Below are some of thr things that can bring curses on your life;

1. Being rude to people:

If you think insulting someone you have not met physically is nothing serious, you will live to regret.

Some youngsters never express their own views on people’s opinions without insults on social media.

They insult people who are old to be their parents for no apparent reason.

It is the same as spewing abusive words on people you know, whether old or young.

Your life will be miserable if you entertain such a negative conduct.

If you are into such a negative attitude, refrain from it from now onwards.

2. Lusting after people’s wives or husbands:

There is a high competition for sexual partners in today’s society.

True love has vanished from our societies.

That is why people enter relationships indiscriminately, quit and reenter new ones.

If you arw the type who lust after multiple men or women due to reasons best known to you, spare the married ones.

If you lust after someone’s wife or husband, your lifespan will be shortened.

In some societies, the aggrieved spouse will harm you spiritually. If you are not lucky enough, you will join your ancestors prematurely. Better still, you will just be a living-dead; whole life will be miserable.

I know someone who died prematurely as a result of chasing after married women.

Shockingly, his was is an elder in a popular church!!

3. Do not find shortcuts to success!

Many young people are not applying their skills or strengths to any productive works again.

The quest for material wealth is making many young guys go into cyber fraud while the ladies engage in prostitution; taking more than one boyfriend or lover for financial gains is tantamount to prostitution.

If you embrace any of the above or any other cheap means to success, you will live to regret some day.

Initially, you will not feel the impact. Since you are causing pain to others, you are equally going to languish in pain some day.

4.Blasphemy is another thing which will bring you everlasting curses.

There is a high level of religious intolerance in Ghana and the world as a whole.

If you belong to one religious sect, do not tarnish or look down on the others.

Practice your faith without making insulting remarks about others. If you do so thinking you are defending your religion, you will inherit curses. What if the religion you are making mockery of if the true religion?

Be a reasonable person and prevent things that can affect your progress in life.

Always live a life which is devoid of problems, sicknesses and financial problems.

Thank you very much.

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