Be careful because it’s a set up- Archbishop Duncan Williams boldy declares

There is almost a spiritual basis to everything which is presently revolving around us. And it is because of these reasons that men of God have been trying their best to warn the normal eye of things that are hidden in the spiritual realms.

Regarding spiritual meanings to some physical manifestations, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams is no exception but a part player in laying bare in-depth meanings to things which the normal person might classify natural and irrelevant.

The presiding Bishop of the Action Chapel International has yet again made some powerful utterances and revelations.

Archbishop Duncan Williams has disclosed that there is a mistake that many people have made and it is regarding death statements.

He revealed that people are dying because of the fact that they spoke death instead of life.

Ghana is currently experiencing death and lost of properties or lives and the main reason behind these things have been revealed by Duncan Williams.

Speaking on the power of proclamation, Archbishop Duncan Williams brought to light that the tongue is a very powerful tool that depicts what kind of life we enjoy. He revealed that the tongue has taken people to places and has brought people from these same places.

The tongue has caused harm and this same tongue has done good on some occasions. Speaking on his television station, Dominion television, he revealed that when someone provoked you to the extent that you’ll want to give some bad comments or make any utterances, don’t pay attention to them and be careful because it’s a set up.

Source; Opera news

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