Bantama “Kyeiwaa” Calls For The Eviction of All Recalcitrant Traders in Kumasi

Queen of traders at Bantama and Race Course markets Madam Kyeiwaa is pushing for the eviction of all merchants plying their business on pavements and streets within the Central Business District of Kumasi Metropolis.

The foregoing is premised on their (traders) blatant refusal to carry out their trade within stores and sheds rented by themselves at the Race course market.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Madam Kyeiwaa disclosed that a high number of the above-mentioned recalcitrant traders who are currently trading at unapproved areas especially around the Kejetia market have in turn sold out their stores and sheds to second parties at prices revolving around GHs 4,000.

Others too she indicated have hitherto left theirs (stores or sheds) unutilized whiles they trade at unauthorized areas.

Outspoken Kyeiwaa expressed that, she is in full support of the decision by authorities of KMA to eject such traders on Monday, 1st February, 2021.


On 25th January, 2012, the Public Relations Department of KMA issued a press statement which reads; “The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly wishes to inform all traders plying their trade on pavements and streets in the Central Business District (CBD) that the Assembly will from Monday, 1st February, 2021, embark on an exercise to stop such trading activities.

It will be recalled that getting to the Christmas festivities, the traders met and pleaded with the Assembly to allow them do business on the pavements and voluntarily leave such areas by January 15th,2021 as has been the practice.

The Assembly is by this release urging all such traders to vacate the pavement and streets by Saturday 30th January,2021 to avoid forceful ejection. This exercise has also become necessary in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated health risks posed by such activities which congest the CBD.”


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