Bantama constituency MP is hot again!! delegates descend on him over hire-purchase vehicles



Claims made by the sitting Member of Parliament for Bantama Hon Daniel Okyem Aboagye that all ten vehicles he donated under conditions of high purchase (work and pay) to the electoral areas before assuming office are now their bond property has sparked a great tension within the constituency.

The member of parliament’s response to a question put to him during a morning show program on Nhyira Fm visavis the affairs of the vehicles suggested that all the ten Mazda Demio taxis he offered as part of his 2015 campaign promise have been relieved from all conditions and that they are now the property of the electoral areas and not his.

“After one year I gave it to them for free…the cars belong to them…the cars are for the electoral areas. They employ their own driver, I don’t know where they keep the car, they pay insurance themselves, repairs and maintenance fall within their own descision… they don’t do sales to me”, he said on the program.

However, a staggering intelligence gathered by www.leakynews.net from some peeved delegates suggests otherwise.


They are boiling with rage against the government official, describing his claim as a callous and a palpable lie.

According to them, there are/is no document(s) whatsoever to give credibility to the statement of the MP since no change of ownership has been carried out.

They informed that documents covering all the ten cars still bear the name of the Member of Parliament and that all efforts exerted by them on Hon Okyem Aboagye for the change of ownership have proved futile.

One party delegate by name Nana Boakye a.k.a Nana B who is serving the capacity as the NPP secretary for Kokoso Asubonten electoral area hint that the MP Okyem Aboagye has realised that he will loose the upcoming parliamentary primaries and therefore doesn’t want to loose the cars either.

“Since he knows very well that he will be loosing the seat as the MP, he has planned to take back the cars.

After loosing his seat he will impound the vehicles one after the other on any street he sights them with the assistance of the police and take them back”, he told leakynews.net.

In a short press briefing held this afternoon, he dared the MP that they (delegates) will have no option than to claim back all monies paid on the vehicles during the time that the hire-purchase condition was in force should Hon Okyem Aboagye fail to work out and hand to them all documents on the change of ownership.

By Enock Akonnor.

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