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Bad Petrol Can Damage Your Engine, See How To Detect A Pure Petrol

We are all privy to the fact that scores of petrol filling stations do not sell fuel that are of a high quality to their customers. There are some who sell petrol mixed with kerosene to people who patronize their products.

For the serious minded companies, their ultimate aim is to sell nothing but a pure petrol. Do you know that mixed petrol or petrol which is not pure can harm the engine of your car?

Premised on the foregoing, it is advisable to test for the purity of petrol before buying or putting them into your vehicle.


First Method

Get a filter paper and put just 2-3 drops of the petrol over it. If you notice the petrol evaporating within the space of small amount of minutes leaving no stain or mark on the filter paper, it is a clear sign that the petrol is pure and of good quality. On the flip side, if it leaves any stain or mark on the filter paper, then please be informed that the petrol is not pure and of bad quality.

Second Method

The second way to detect a bad petrol is by using a Thermometer test.

If the petrol you bought has been mixed with other substances such as oil or lubricant, its normal temperature drops drastically. You can verify this from the oil producing companies and they will tell you the normal temperature of a pure petrol.  Now what you have to do is to just put few drops of the petrol on the thermometer and observe the temperature. Now if it is below the prescribed limit given by the oil producing company then what it means is that the petrol you bought is not pure.

Third Method

The 3rd method is carried out by using a marker. This test of petrol’s purity is done by a marker system which was designed and developed in the United Kingdom. Under this test, the fuel is mixed with 2.5 parts per million in proportion to measure the purity of petrol. It consists of the digital analyzer by which one can determine the actual purity level of petrol.

Fourth Method

Under this method, burning is carried out. For the test of the purity of a petrol, all you have to do is to take just a small quantity of the petrol in a vessel and throw a burning stick in it. If it catches fire quickly and starts burning with a bright color flame, it is a clear sign that you have a pure petrol which is of a high quality.  On the other hand, if it burns slowly leaving dust then what it means is that it was mixed with kerosene. That is clearly a bad petrol for your engine.

Thank you very much for reading this piece and I hope you have been schooled.

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