BAD OMEN: Nana Addo’s “4more4Nana” statue falls down flat

A new photo going viral on social media indicates that president Nana Akufo-Addo’s ‘4more4Nana’ statue has fallen down flat on the floor.

Picture of the statue popped up on social media a week to the general elections and it sparked a lot of arguments.

The effigy has Nana Addo wearing his iconic sun glass pointing out his 4 fingers to depict ‘4more4nana’ campaign mantra.

It is rather sad that the statue could not stand the test of time as it has fallen flat on the floor.

Social media comments had it that the statue was not impressive.

Many citizens said that they aresure it was NDC party members who secretly paid the sculpture to mock Nana Addo.

For critical thinkers, the fallen statue might be a bad omen for NPP.

Source; Opera News

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