bad omen for NPP; “We will not come out to vote if arrested Pastors are not released”- Clergy tells Nana Addo



The arrest of some Pastors under Presidential directive consequent to their violation of covid-19 protocols is gradually breeding a bad energy among the clergy against the ruling government.

On 22nd  June 2020, a young and a vibrant Ghanaian Evangelist of Revival Fire Campus Ministry Justice Wilberforce clenched his fist in fury against the President of Ghana for sparing delegates of his own party (NPP) who in a  broad day light flouted  his (President) directive on Social distancing, wearing of nose masks, application of hand-rub sanitizers at the time they were celebrating the victory of their preferred parliamentary candidates.

He ‘slapped’ authorities over why delegates who defaulted were left untouched whiles Pastors are arrested over the same offense. He went far by stating that he will preach against the NPP and influence Ghanaians to vote massively against the ruling party.

Interestingly, another international clergy Pastor Stephen Edgar has joined the wagon, announcing that “ I am saddened about how this present government is handling Pastors and Churches over the abuse of covid-19 etiquette”.


He told that “some things are not right with the NPP led government. Their approach towards the church is totally unfair and cruel”.

He explained that if government in his bid to sustain his political fortunes during this electioneering period refused to subject his party followers to the grips of the law for breaking his orders on covid-19, ”then it clearly suggests that the President has not been fair to the Pastors who were  arrested and charged”.  “President should order the immediate release of the men of God”, he challenged.

For Pastor Stephen Edgar, the fallout of government’s modus operandi vis-à-vis the enforcement of the covid-19 regulations is that churches across Ghana are likely to vote against the ruling party in the upcoming general elections.

“If you don’t do things right, what happened in 2008 will repeat  itself this year. We will not come out to vote”, he cautioned.

“President Akuffo Addo should not think that the NPP has already won the Presidential elections”, he added.

By Enock Akonnor


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